Thursday, October 16, 2008

My life is just as crazy as usual. I'm not to good at keeping journals so my apologies.
School is going pretty good. I'm making friends almost every day and doing more activities now that I can drive. YAY!

I went to Tepanyaki with one of my friends, Janelle, a while ago. Just the two of us. It was really fun and entertaining. We have a plan to go there again except this time with actual dates so THEY can pay! ;)
It is tradition there to have the customers try and catch a piece of food in their mouth. As the chef went from person to person he finally came to Janelle and me. I came first and when I caught it in my mouth, he said "Way to go Champ!" Then after finighing the rest of the people at our table he then came back to me and said "ok, now lets see if you can do it again." He threw the food at my mouth and I caught it again. He proceeded to throw them one by one until I had caught 4 in a row. I felt like a seal but everybody at my table was cheering and from then on Janelle agreed to call me "Champ". That, I must admit, was the highlight of my dining experience.

When it was all over, and everyone was getting their checks, we got up the courage to ask the waiter if she could take a picture with us. (It was manditory for this assignment we were doing, also the reason why we were AT this rediculously expensive place) The woman was very hesitant and tried to persuade us to take it with the host, but we explained that it had to be taken with her. She said, "Oh shoot" and agreed to take it with us. As I had a stranger, sitting by us, take the picture, she says out loud, "awkward!!" haha! that was the funniest thing to hear!
That night was so much fun and I cant wait to go again!

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