Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just a bunch of "models"

My Friend Micah, her cousin, and I went to the American Fork Cemetary and took pictures and just had a bunch of fun. Micah is just so beautiful. She is on her mission right now in Paris France. My family is so proud of her.

This is Gennine, Micha's cousin. She is such a model! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

EFY 2007

EFY was so much fun! I went in August 13-17th at BYU idaho. It was very hot up there and I wished I would have brought a fan to cool me down in the appartment. but I had an amazing time! I made many friends, the lessons and teachers were awesome and I've many memories that will be hard to forget!

This picture,>>>>>, is everybody in my company. There was over 200 people there at that EFY group that week. I like the smaller groups. You get to meet more people that way.

I'm on the first row sitting down on the chairs.

This picture,<<<<, was on the day that we had the competitions and our skit. VERY FUN!
Brittan, >>, was involved in a water fight we had that day. :)

These are my best friends that I made up there. I'm on the left, then Maren is in the middle and Elise in on the right. Those two were hilarious and they both live in california.

This is me, Kevin and Lauren. EFY was so amazing!

Wedding Day

Michael and Chalice's Wedding was May 5, 2005. I'm way late on putting this up here but better late than never. It was a beautiful wedding! They got married in the Salt Lake temple.

I was 12 going on 13 when they got married. Braces and everything. haha my sister, Jennifer, was 11. and to the right of my is karissa, chalices younger sister.

Chalice Tripped. :) it was so cute!

Senior Picture Day

Senior picture day was so much fun! Terri, my aunt came to help me get all ready. She did my makeup, gave me tips on my outfits, EVERYTHING. She is one amazing woman! Always there to help a sista out!

It was fun to get all dressed up in all these outfits. I felt like barbie. There was this one outfit I had that looked like it was from the show, "I love lucy" :) very cute. >>>>